A Quick Guide to Star Party Etiquette

How can I sign up to attend a Star Party?

Join the MHAA Meetup Group (which you can also get to at http://midhudsonastro.org). All Star Parties, meetings and presentations, and other activities are announced there,  and you can easily RSVP through that website.  When you sign up to attend a Star Party at a state park you will need to enter vehicle information (make, model, license number) so that it can be passed on to the Park Police, since we are using the park after hours.  (We have a permit to do so, but it requires the list of vehicles.)

What is it like to attend a star party?

It is best to arrive before sunset to the designated location. This allows time for safe parking, people to set up their telescopes, and everyone to get situated.

You are not required to bring a telescope, but if you have one, or ordinary binoculars, then bring them. Someone will probably be willing to help you set up your telescope if you are a first-timer.

Park Based on your Observing Plan

If you are unable to get to the location before dark, it is important you are considerate of others with your headlights. Turn off your headlights and interior lights. You should park your vehicle facing towards the exit, to avoid having to backup using backup lights. If you plan on leaving early, you should park close to the exit. If you come to a star party without a telescope park some distance away from the observing site to save room for those with heavy equipment to carry.