A Quick Reference on Star Party Etiquette

How can I become involved in attending star parties?

Join the MHAA Meet Up Group! (All activities and star parties are set up through there and you can easily RSVP through the website) To be accounted for during star parties your vehicle license plate is required upon RSVP.

What is it like to attend a star party?

It is best to arrive before sunset to the designated location. This allows time for safe parking, people to set up their telescopes, and everyone to get situated.

You are not required to bring a telescope, but if you have one, or ordinary binoculars bring them. Someone will probably be willing to help you set up your telescope if you are a first-timer.

If you are new, introduce yourself, and ask if there are club officers or someone in charge. They can probably arrange for a sky tour to orient you to the night sky. Amateur astronomers are a friendly lot and most are eager to share their knowledge, eager to help you with your equipment and eager to have you look through their telescope. No need to be shy!!!!