Become a Member of MHAA / Renew your Membership

Membership dues are $25 per year (plus a fee, depending on how you pay).   Memberships are now renewed one year from the last time you paid dues.

What do you get when you join MHAA?   As members already know, the main purpose of dues are to share the cost of the insurance required for some of our events,  to pay for the web site on for announcing our events, to pay for our Pro account on Zoom, and to pay some of our speakers for the presentations they make at our monthly meetings.  We also pay for maintenance of our equipment (telescopes, tripods, and imagers), publicity, and prizes we donate to local science fairs.  In general, member dues support the overall mission of the club to provide astronomy education and outreach to our local community. 

What do YOU get as a member of MHAA?  In addition to a warm fuzzy feeling for supporting the club, members receive the following benefits:
  • Members can borrow club telescopes, imagers, and other equipment.
  • Members can borrow from our DVD collection.
  • Members can participate in our on-line chat group at .
  • Members can participate in annual club events, like our Members Dinner and trips to High Point Scientific.
You can pay your dues in any of several ways:
  • On-Line: Use PayPal to pay online (for an extra $1 fee):  Pay $25 (plus $1 fee) to PayPal
  • In Person: Bring cash or a check for $25 (made out to MHAA) to one of our monthly star parties or monthly meetings (when they resume).
  • By Mail: Send a check for $25 (made out to MHAA) to the Treasurer at:  
Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association
Eric Myers, Treasurer
14 Spy Hill
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Give us your Contact Information
Whatever method you use to pay your dues, please be sure to give us your name and current contact information.  To do so, you can:
  1.  Print and mail or email this membership form, or
  2.  Fill out this on-line form.
Since so much of what we do is now online, the main thing we need to know is your name and email address.  But your mailing address and phone number might also be useful, and we promise not to share it with anyone else without your permission.

Thank you for supporting MHAA!